Forum Thread: How do you feel about spoiler alerts?

I won't go out of my way to spoil people about new movies, but I think if the movie is something like Planet of the Apes, you should not be protected! How old does a movie have to be before you can talk about the entire thing? 

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My rule of thumb is that if you can find the movie at a library or if most of the actors are dead, then it's ok to spoiler. If someone complains about this policy then just reply with another spoiler!

There are some movies that bet everything on the plot twist though. Six Sense, The Crying Game, Citizen Cane (well that one is a bit minor and stupid. I mean lol at the last thing you remember is a stupid sled). In those I would recommend spoiling people on purpose, just to dig it in. If you're talking to them make sure to make deep eye contact and smirk as you say it. In writing, maybe put the spoiler right on the title, so they can't escape.

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